GP Garage My Team Started the Season with a Podium

GP Garage My Team Started the Season with a Podium

Rally Bodrum, the first race of the Petrol Ofisi Maxima 2023 Turkey Rally Championship, which attracted great interest, ended with the first place in the general classification of Ümit Can Özdemir- Batuhan Memişyazıcı team competing on behalf of GP Garage My Team.

Ümit Can Özdemir, who started the Bodrum Rally, the opening race of the season, with the championship parole, took the first victory of the season with his Skoda Fabia R5. Uğur Soylu- Şener Güray, the other pilot of the team competing on behalf of GP Garage My Team, finished fourth in the general classification and showed that they are the biggest candidates of the championship for the rest of the season.

Bodrum Rally "N GP Garage My Team Team Won the Category

Sinan Soylu- Özgür Akdağ duo, who displayed a consistent performance throughout the race, took the first place in "Class N" with their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9.

While Hakkı Ağaoğlu- Gürkal Menderes took the second place in the N class of the Bodrum Rally, Menderes Okur- Havva Gürel won the third place in the N class, and the three teams that started in the N class in the first race of the season came to the finish and started a long season with valuable points.

TOSFED included the Turkey Rally Masters Pilot and Masters Co-pilot category in the 2023 Turkey Rally Championship by the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation. 4 teams from the GP Garage My Team team participated in the championship, competing in the category, which requires a date born in 1973 and before, Among the 4 teams participating in the Bodrum rally, Uğur Soylu- Şener Güray came first in the category and scored important points, Erkan Güral- Çiçek Güney with Hyundai İ20 R5, another Hyundai İ20 R5 driver Erhan Akbaş- Ersen Yıldız, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 driver Menderes Okur- Havva Gürel were the teams that finished in the category.

Süheyl Polatoğlu: "We achieved our goals in the opening rally of the 2023 season"

GP Garage My Team Team Director Süheyl Polatoğlu said the following in his evaluation: "The fact that we won the rally, in which we participated with a total of 11 teams and many teams were out of the race, as the first in the general classification and our first 3 cars in the Group N class by getting valuable points made the whole team and me very happy. The fact that Ümit Can Özdemir, last season's Turkish rally champion pilot Ümit Can Özdemir, who joined our team this year, successfully passed another important corner on the way to the Turkish championship in the new season was another happiness for my team and me. I believe that GP Garage My Team, which has become even stronger this year, will be one of the most remarkable and winning teams of the tracks."

The 2023 season will continue with the Green Bursa Rally on May 20-21 after the Bodrum Rally. The Eskişehir Rally will take place on June 10-11. After the Kocaeli Rally on September 02-03, the season will end with the Istanbul Rally on October 30-01, the 100th Anniversary Rally on October 28-29, and the Aegean Rally on November 18-19.

We Left Kocaeli Rally Behind

As GP Garage My Team, we participated in the Kocaeli Rally with 4 vehicles. Hakkı Ağaoğlu finished the race with the Hyundai i20 R5, which he used for the first time on gravel, as the 4th in the general classification. Continuing the season with the Subaru Impreza GC8 in the Group N category, the Efe Albağlar - Ersin Ören duo had a successful race and managed to maintain their Group N title. They have 1 race left to win the Group N title of the Turkish Rally Championship at the end of the season. Our other drivers Ateş Berberoğlu and Emre Erciyas successfully completed the race.